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Both suede and Nabuk leather have bovine origins (cow, calf, mutton, deer leather and so on). The processing makes the difference: Nabuk endures a complex treatment, that makes leather softer and more comfortable.

It’s a natural leather that comes from the innermost layer of the hide and then treated with polyurethane. Through a technical process it’s pressed onto the crust of the boots, protecting them from scratches and lacerations.

Both leathers are obtained from the upper part of the animal. Nabuk leather is treated through sharpening, which makes it soft and velvety. Full Grain leather constitutes the most valuable part of the animal: it’s soft, highly breathable and flawless.

According to the type of hunting activity, you can choose a different kind of boots with different and specific technical characteristics: a tall and compact model will be more suitable for hunting in the mountains or in the hills, where temperatures are more rigid; a lower and lighter boot will be suitable for hunting in the plains or backpacking. All specific product information are within the product sheets.

The Vibram sole is one of the technologies that we apply to our products: made of rubber, with special self-cleaning and non-slip grooves, it ensures the maximum adherence to any type of ground. The four models we use are Fourà, Tzavo, Ushiba e Vertige.

Waterproof, breathable and resistant, it is a membrane that we insert into the boot and this ensures the maximum comfort.

Primaloft microfibers are designed to be waterproof, while remaining breathable and thermally efficient. Primaloft also dries faster than goose down feather.

Made of rubber with carbon and silicon fibers, it allows a grip above every category.

Our boots are good performers on all types of terrain: thanks to the Primaloft technology, the inner lining is waterproof and they keep the foot dry at all times.

You should wash the boot soon after their use, rinse only with water, rubbing the shoe with a soft brush. Be careful with the leather areas, which should always be treated with specific products. This is why we usually offer Diotto Spray (for Nabuck and suede leathers) and Diotto Crema (for full grain and scratch-resistant leathers).

Our products are 100% Made in Italy. Since 1969 our company takes care of every detail and all the artisans work from the selection of the raw materials to the whole production. Last but not least we manage all the customer care procedures.

If you want to find out all the prices, just click on “Request price” bottom inside each product page. You will receive our price list with all the information to submit your order.

Unique shoes, made with great attention to detail using special technical materials to withstand the most severe climatic and environmental conditions.



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